Is your computer secure?

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Most users assume that they need an anti-virus program to automatically run without having to do anything else to secure the computer. Unfortunately, it is not that easy, hackers are becoming smarter, and finding many different ways into your personal information, and computer. An anti-virus program is the first step, but you also need more layered security to protect your computer and information as well. We will talk about the layered security that you should have.

First: Anti-Virus Program

An anti-virus program is important but an automatic setup for the program is not always the best setup for your anti-virus. Many virus programs can crash, and will not notify the user if they are not working properly. If the program is not checked often, and the program crashed, the computer will not be able to block virus and spyware from entering the computer. It is also good to make sure that your virus programs can also block pup-ware, has internet filtering, spyware, and malware. You can also install a separate malware and spyware program such as using the built-in Windows Defender anti-virus program along with Malwarebytes to prevent Malware. Always, always, update your anti-virus programs as well.

Second: Never Save Important Passwords

It is never safe to allow websites to save or remember your password or automatically sign in. If a hacker finds their way onto your computer, they have free access to those websites and your information.

Third: Set a desktop password

It is always safe to set a desktop password. This is the log- in password that you type in as soon as the computer turns on. It prevents thieves from having all access to your computer. Using numbers and symbols with your password is always a good way to make it harder for anyone trying to hack your password.


Additional quick tips: use a spam filter on your email, and do not open any emails that you do not know of or where it is coming from. In addition, do not click or open any pop-ups or fake anti-virus programs.

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