CIA Election AntiCheat Control – 2016

Criminals love to to prey on people based on current news topics and there are few topics right now that are bigger than the 2016 United States presidential election.  This can be seen in a new malware “CIA Election AntiCheat Control – 2016”. This computer infection pretends to be a notice from the CIA that requires people to send $50 or their upcoming vote will not count.


When the CIA Election AntiCheat Control malware is installed it will display the screen above  which states that the CIA and FBI are concerned about voter fraud. In order to prevent this they require everyone to send $50 in the form of a PaySafeCard or their vote will not count in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. This message reads:


When the infection starts it will search for the following processes and close them so that a victim cannot use them to learn how to remove the infection.


If a user falls for this scam and sends a PaySafeCard code, the malware send a hardware ID, derived from the computer’s Processor ID,  and the PaySafeCard code to the email address  This can be seen in the source code below.


After sending a payment, the CIA Election AntiCheat Control malware connect to the webpage and download the contents of the page. If the page contains the victim’s hardware ID , the program will display a thank you message and uninstall itself.


Though I would hope that everyone would see this as nothing but a scam, history has shown that people actually do believe these types of messages and send payments. If you run into a strange screen on computer called CIA Election Control, please be aware this is a scam and should be ignored.

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