Save Our Planet: E-Waste!

Used computers, monitors and other electronic equipment that are disposed of improperly have the potential to contaminate our environment and prematurely fill our existing landfills. Companies that don’t comply with state and federal regulations can face thousands of dollars in fines and cleanup costs as a result. ABM Computers eliminate these risks and ensures that the environment is protected by recycling electronic equipment and components, managing hazardous materials and turning your waste into a reusable commodity. By doing this ABM takes advantage of the many benefits of e-waste recycling, both environmental and economical.

The Environmental Benefits

While they may seem obvious, the environmental benefits of electronic recycling are always worth repeating. These benefits include:

1) Preserving Our Natural Resources

Electronic waste is often comprised of precious metals, like gold, silver, and platinum, as well as valuable copper, aluminum, and iron. These metals are denoted as “precious” and “valuable” for a reason – well, two reasons. 1. They are in limited supply. 2. We rely on them for a surprising range of functions, from simple tinfoil to NASA’s rocket ships. Recycling electronic waste protects these metals for future use and impedes their endangerment.

It should also be noted that recycling e-waste can save up to 70% on the energy required to mine and process new materials. Savings in energy means savings in costs and precious power resources.

2) Cutting Contamination

In addition to valuable metals, electronic waste can be home to hazardous chemicals like lead, mercury, chemical flame retardants, beryllium, and chromium. As electronics breakdown in landfills, these chemicals are released into the surrounding soil, water, and air, affecting the health and comfort of citizens in surrounding areas.

The Economic Benefits

If saving the earth isn’t enough to perk your ears, there’s a good chance saving money is. In addition to bettering the quality of the Earth, electronic recycling can benefit the many economies currently struggling around the world, including our own.

1) Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Our nation, as well as our neighbors, are suffering from higher-than-ever unemployment rates. As e-waste is an enormous concern, both figuratively and literally (remember millions of tons?), its demise will require a large army of strength. Jobs in the electronic waste recycling sector could stem from professional refurbishing and recycling services, as well as large scale cleanup efforts.

2) Minimizing Costs

As previously mentioned, America currently sends most of its electronic scrap overseas. How does it get there? Via gas-guzzling, taxpayer funded air carriers. By replacing oversea landfills with in-nation recycling plants, we won’t only be saving the third world from further chemical pollution, but putting our tax dollars somewhere better.

3) Financial Incentives

Pressure from environmentalist groups has led to electronics manufacturers offering incentives for electronic waste recycling, like buy-back offers on old electronic goods. The buy-back model allows the manufacturer to cut costs in obtaining new raw materials and offers the consumer a reduced price. Talk about a win-win!

While it may seem like an enormous undertaking, tackling our electronic-waste epidemic begins with our own small efforts. Locate an electronics recycler or buyer, like Cash for Electronic Scrap, and make a contribution to a better earth and economy.


Originally Alameda Typewriter, ABM COMPUTERS has served the entire San Francisco Bay Area with professional, first-rate IT support and computer sales from the same location since 1939. Building on decades of experience, along with a dedicated team, we continue to provide in-shop and on-site standout, services and comprehensive, affordable solutions for all your computing needs.

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