Why Use Online Cloud Backup

What do you think is the number one reason for using online cloud backup instead of external USB hard drives? Using external USB drives to protect your critical data is perceived as an easy and inexpensive backup option. Why would you consider using a proven cloud to protect your files.

10. In the cloud: There is no capital investment in hardware or software. Why spend time worrying about devices that are not relevant to your business growth?

9. Disaster-proof: In the unfortunate case that your business sustains fire, water, or weather-related damage, hardware loss could be extensive, including servers, network equipment, and the external USB drive relied on to recover data and sustain business function.

8. Accessible: A cloud uses a secure login allowing you to restore data from any location, at any time.

7. Secure: Unlike USB hard drives, we guarantee your critical business data will never be lost or stolen due to malicious activities outside of your control.

6. Scalable: There are no size restrictions. Why worry about an external USB drive filling up, slowing down, or having premature failure?

5. Automated: Cloud do not require manual intervention on your part. This enable you to incest your concentration where is matters most.

4. Stable: Every day in the U.S. many hard drives crash and critical data is lost. Cloud solutions store your data in dual Tier III SAS70 Type 2 data centers on Enterprise Class storage. This insures that your data is readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Simple: Cloud backups automate the real-time, continuous backup of your critical data and managed by dedicated personnel based in the USA.

2. Secure: Most external USB drives are not encrypted, and if lost or stolen, they place your business at risk. Federal or state compliance mandates (SOX, PCI, HIPPA, HITECH Act, etc.) can levy fines and publicly disclose the breach of confidential information.

1. Recoverable: Why backup if you can’t be assured that your data is restorable at any time. Unlike USB hard drives, cloud backups allow for sophisticated file versioning and retention policies which will satisfy recovery point objectives for any type of scenario and any size business.


Originally Alameda Typewriter, ABM COMPUTERS has served the entire San Francisco Bay Area with professional, first-rate IT support and computer sales from the same location since 1939. Building on decades of experience, along with a dedicated team, we continue to provide in-shop and on-site standout, services and comprehensive, affordable solutions for all your computing needs.

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