A static route is a pre-determined path that network information must follow to reach a specific host or network.

Here are two typical scenarios, as examples of when a static route is needed, consider the following case.

Scenario 1: 

Issue: The gateway of PC is router2 which connected to the Internet, but when PC visit servers in intranet, firstly the request will be sent to router2. Because there is no route to server1 and server2 on route rable of router2, thus the request will be thrown away.

Resolution: Therefore, if you want PC to visit servers in intranet, you have to set up a static route on router2 helps your packet route to router1.

Net parameter: Servers in net segment: IP subnet mask for this net segment is


Issue: The gateway of LAN network is router1, and router2 WDS router1’s signal. But there is no route record from router2 to NTP server on route table router2, therefore, router2 can’t get synchronization time from server.

Resolution: In order to solving the issue, you have to set up a static route on router2.

Net parameter: The IP of the Server in Internet is IP subnet mask for this address is

Steps of Configurations:

Step 1:

Login configure page of router.

According to scenario 1 and scenario 2: type in address bar,

Step 2: 

Type the username and password in the login page. The default username and password are both admin in lower case.

Step 3:

Click Advanced Routing button on the left side of the screen, then select Static Routing List (in 54Mbps Wireless Router, the name of button is Static Routing).

Refer to picture:

And the page of Static Routing would appear on the screen:

Step 4:

Click Add New…

Input destination network, subnet mask, default gateway, select status and save it.

Please refer to following introduction to input parameter.


In 1st bar, type the IP address of destination.

In 2nd bar, type the IP subnet mask for this destination.

In 3rd bar, type the gateway IP address, that must be on the same LAN segment as the router.

As per scenario 1, for net segment

As per scenario 2, for single IP address

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