FBI: Ransomware



The FBI virus (FBI Moneypak virus, FBI computer lock, FBI browser lock, etc.) is a term used to describe dangerous malware categorized as ransomware we discovered in 2012 that infects both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Cyber criminals use this malware in order to attempt to disguise themselves as the FBI so they can scare victims into paying an unnecessary fine. The FBI virus utilizes Trojan horses or script placed on a website in order to lock computer systems and/or lock internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer in place. Once a browser or computer is locked by the FBI virus, a user is presented with a page that claims a computer user violated the law and now the computer owner must pay a fine in order to unlock their browser or computer. Some of the FBI computer viruses may claim to encrypt a computer’s files and hold them hostage until a fine is paid.

The FBI virus practices social engineering by attempting to scare (persuade) unsuspecting victims into paying an unnecessary fine. The ransomware infection does this by making fraudulent claims on the browser-lock or screen-lock window that states the computer has been involved in illegal activity (downloaded or distributed copyrighted material or viewed child pornography, etc.) and demands a penalty fine of $100, $200, $300, or more to be paid in order to unlock the computer system (or browser) within the allotted time of 48 to 72 hours by use of Moneypak cards and other credit services (REloadit virus, Ultimate Game Card Virus, Ukash Virus). The FBI Moneypak ransomware virus also states on the fake FBI screen that the computer owner may see jail time or face other consequences if the unnecessary fine is not paid in time.

Please note, this is dangerous malware called ransomware that is in no way associated with the government of the United States. The claims made by the FBI virus are entirely fraudulent and meant to scam and harm it’s vicgims. If your computer or internet browser is locked by a scren claiming to be from the FBI you are not in trouble with the FBI. Paying the fine using Ukash vouchers, Moneypak cards, and all other credit services will not fix this malware infection. Using an activation number to remove the FBI virus will likely initiate a response by the malware which leads to further complications.

new FBI virus


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